6 Reasons FN is Thankful: #FNFTW Thanksgiving Edition



Everyday, members of Founders Network offer their expertise, advice, and support to their fellow founders to help them achieve success. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we recognize FN’ers who have gone above and beyond. Below are six #FNFTW stories that we’ve captured last month:

  • After kicking off the fundraising process, Nathan Beckord of Foundersuite got help from FN’ers, resulting in meetings with three angel investors, including SV Syndicate and Unshackled.
  • Thanks to meeting Startup Weekend mentor Blake Caldwell of Larc, Celeste Cefalu of Boudoir has joined the Startup Next Accelerator powered by Google.
  • After wasting several months on an unproductive technical resource, Ashley Howell of The Givve Collection successfully hired a new CTO thanks to member referrals on the Online Mentorship Platform. (And in the spirit of this holiday season, check out some products on The Givve Collection that are fighting hunger!)
  • Founders Institute grad Dan Maguire of SkinnyPrice recruited his first VP-level hires thanks to referrals from the FN community.
  • Stanford alum Diego Villarreal Meyer of Banter! got a one-on-one VC investor meeting with Charles River Ventures thanks to Annie Kadavy.
  • Alex Guerrero of Uniq received great user feedback thanks to beta tester and 500 Startups Grad Cynthia Schames of Abbey Post.

These are just a small sample of member success stories everyday at Founders Network. Have an #FNFTW success story to be thankful for? Let us know! Again, thanks to all the FN’ers who continue to support and accelerate the growth and success of our members. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

#FNFTW showcases the success stories of our founders, driven and cultivated by the Founders Network community and resources. Read more of our members’ #FNFTW stories here.

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