Startup Hosting Options with Sean Tario

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fnMentoring helps you accelerate your startup and expand your high tech network through private advising sessions with featured guest experts. Sessions are free to members but require your RSVP.  If you are not a member you can apply here.  Next week’s featured guest(s) will be: 

Open Spectrum, Inc.
Open Spectrum, Inc. is a global IT Infrastructure brokerage firm serving business owners and IT decision makers around the world.

Sean Patrick Tario

Founder, CEO, & New Business Catalyst for Open Spectrum, Inc.

Sean is an expert Global IT Infrastructure & Scalability Consultant.

This week, Sean will give an overview of his presentation, “Infrastructure Purchasing 101 – Datacenter, Hosting, Network, and The “Cloud” – How a few simple questions may save you millions…” and lead an interactive discussion explaining the infrastructure that sits behind this “magical” cloud.

Sean will also be available to give hosting advice for your unique startup requirements.

fnMentoring is on Wednesday, 3/28/12, beginning at 10.30am. RSVP here for one of five available spots.

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