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The Angels’ Forum  & The Halo Funds
The Angels’ Forum has been investing in, mentoring and advising Silicon Valley startups from the seed stage all the way through a meaningful exit. They’re a diverse group of 25 high net worth private investors, all of whom have been CEO’s, founders or senior executives of successful entrepreneurial ventures with the capital, time, experience, skills and passion to work with other entrepeneurs to build disruptive companies

The Halo Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on high-growth investments at the front edge of business and technological innovation in Silicon Valley. They invest in companies led by extraordinary people who are pursuing opportunities in, life sciences, consumer products, clean technology, and high technology. Halo Partners are helpful, open, honest, respectful, responsive and decisive.

Andy Bartley, Associate at The Angels' Forum and The Halo Funds

Andy Bartley, Associate at The Angels’ Forum and The Halo Funds

Andy Bartley


Santa Clara University, MBA
Oregon State University, BS in Biological Engineering

Prior to joining TAF Andy worked for Stryker Endoscopy where he held a number of roles in quality, project management, operations, audit, and compliance.

Position Description:
Andy is an Associate at The Angels’ Forum and The Halo Funds. He is responsible for sourcing and identifying potential investment opportunities in the life sciences, high tech, and consumer product spaces. Andy is actively involved in the evaluation of businesses seeking seed/early stage financing. He enjoys working with promising entrepreneurs to help them develop investor-oriented pitch decks and presentations.

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