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Will Bunker, Partner at SVG Syndicate

Will Bunker, Partner at SVG Syndicate

Topic Description: Investment in early stage companies with revenue.

Name: Will Bunker

Background: Founded (now known as, which became the largest online dating site of the 90s with only $100K in capital. Sold in 1999 for $47 million.
Have launched several consumer Internet projects, including, which became one of the largest Facebook video chatting site with over 5 million users and a self study site.
Angel investments include CriticalWatch, an enterprise security software company, Bourbon and Boots (Fab meets Southern Living), and DishCrawl (local foodie events). I actively code and prefer to invest in projects that I can also contribute to personally.
Specialties: entrepreneur, online dating sites, video, consumer internet

Company: SVG Syndicate, Invest Along Side of Experienced Business Founders. We Invest in Early Stage Companies with Revenue. Then, we “Coach Them Up” to Prepare for Future Growth and Additional Rounds of Funding.
We fill a gap in the private equity market between the seed capital/incubator stage and an institutional venture round. Our focus areas are companies creating solutions to real problems for businesses and consumers, including eCommerce, SaaS, mobile and social applications.

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