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Interns can be a huge asset for your company, offering extra hands, brains, and the opportunity to recruit the best college students before Google, Facebook or other big name companies reach them. They can also be a huge time-suck to hire and manage if you are new to the process and haven’t setup an internship program before.  Nathan Parcells is one of the co-founders of InternMatch and a graduate of the first 500 startups class.  Nathan has hired over 50 interns for InternMatch, including when the company was a 2 person startup, and is excited to share the ins and outs of hiring interns; from how much to offer to how to fire interns who aren’t adding value.  By the end of this short session you should be fully up to speed on how to best leverage interns to grow your company.
Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of InternMatch

Nathan Parcells, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of InternMatch

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Nathan Parcells

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

BS, Economics and International Relations from University of Pennsylvania

Nathan graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania. He gained experience in marketing while working at Arnold Worldwide and in the environmental community after completing internships at both the National Audubon Society and the National Parks Conservation Association. Seeking adventure and the outdoors, Nathan spent his summer before graduation sailing the Labrador coast of NE Canada in a crew of six and with no prior sailing experience. This trip furthered Nathan’s interest in the environment, confronting challenges, and learning in new situations. Currently Nathan enjoys working on InternMatch and meeting new people as the platform grows.

InternMatch partners with employers large and small. For most employers, the process of finding quality interns can be difficult and resource-intensive. We believe that every company should have a platform through which they can put their best foot forward for students, showcasing the aspects of their culture that make them unique from everywhere else.

We believe in playing a leading, progressive role in educating employers on the fair treatment of interns in the workplace. We advocate for paid internships because unpaid internships perpetuate a system of inequality where only those that can afford to work without pay have access to the best career-building opportunities. Furthermore, paid internships lead to better talent, higher productivity, greater likelihood of full-time conversion, and provide adequate protections for interns in the workplace.

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