fnMentoring: Investing in Early Stage Software and Services Companies with Brendon Kim of Samsung Open Innovations

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Brendon Kim of Samsung Innovations

Brendon Kim, Venture Capital Investor at Samsung Innovations

Topic Desciption: Investing in early stage software and services companies. 

Name: Brendon Kim

Background: Brendon Kim graduated from Princeton University in 1989 with an AB in Public Policy.  He later went on to graduate from Stanford University Graduate School of Business with a MBA in 1994.  He is fluent in English and Korean.

He has been an Associate at Coopers & Lybrand SMS and CSC.  He has worked at Altos Ventures for many years as a General Partner and Special Partner.  He is currently working as a Venture Capital Investor at Open Innovations which is part of Samsung Electronics. It is an investing new fund focused on early stage software and services companies that can expand and build the Samsung Electronics ecosystem.

Company: Open Innovation is a Samsung initiative to identify and grow the technologies and infrastructure of the future. To put the principles of Open Innovation into operation, Samsung adopts a multi-pronged approach that involves participation in global consortia, forging links between the industry and top universities, cooperation with vendors, and operation of successful overseas research centers. Samsung is committed to producing best-in-class research in the materials and technologies of tomorrow. To foster a culture of ongoing, results-oriented innovation, the organization provides attractive remuneration for research activities.

Many of Samsung’s current products were created by incorporating technologies from venture companies. If you have products or technologies that are the best in your field – be it healthcare or robotics, or however far-fetched it may seem from typical consumer electronics products, we would very much like to meet you and discuss the potential. Samsung has a broad range of businesses that your technology and products can leverage. While the Open Innovation Center focuses on creating new business, we also work closely with Samsung Product divisions and Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, to whom we refer venture companies that have more relevance to incremental product innovation.

fnMentoring is on Wednesday, April 17th beginning at 10:30 am. RSVP to participate in this event. 

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