News for the Week of April 8: Charles Zhang of Checkya! Releases Private Beta

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Charles ZhangWe were really excited to hear some great news from Charles Zhang of checkya! this week. Checkya! released their private beta. Whether you need advice on buying a new pair of boots, you’re looking for the services of an attorney, or you want to purchase a cell phone, checkya! gives you a great opportunity to buy and sell with remarkable individuals just like you. Checkya! offers many groups users can join in the quest for the items or advice they’re looking for.

David Cheng, Founder and CEO of VendorStackDavid Cheng of Vendorstack announced this week that their most recent infographic was launched. “How To Get Your Back Office Up & Running” features three methods businesses can use to get their companies on the right track, depending on their individual needs and available resources. Vendorstack is the best at what they do, which is helping businesses get connected with the vendors they need.

AbelCuskellyMany congratulations are in order for Abel Cuskelly of Pogoseat for being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. Pogoseat is the must-see app for anyone who is planning on attending an upcoming event. Not only does it provide a social platform for you and the other event attenders, but it gives you a quick way to upgrade your seat. As Pogoseat makes it’s way around the country to different events, ticket sales are up, fans are becoming more engaged, and everyone who uses it gives it two thumbs up!

Arjun Dev Arora, RetargeterFinally, we are thrilled for Arjun Dev Arora of Retargeter, who was featured in The San Fransisco Business Times for being featured in their 2013’s Best Places To Work. Retargeter helps businesses maximize their marketing efforts through managing ROI, brand-building and targeted ads. Just like their name suggests, Retargeter is the best at recapturing any lost interest to foster the growth of any company.

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