Mentoring with AnaMaria Nino-Murcia, Startup CEO Coach

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Name: AnaMaria Nino-Murcia

Annamaria Nino-Murcia of Foothold Coaching

Background: AnaMaria Nino-Murcia, a former entrepreneur herself, was employee #3 at ElliptiGO, a successful startup producing the world’s first elliptical bicycle. Her team started in a storage shed and worked its way up to multiple product-lines and profitability before Anamaria left the company to pursue coaching full-time.
Anamaria trained as a leadership coach and earned her MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business–where she also served as an Arbuckle Leadership Fellow. A scientist by training, she holds a B.S. and M.S. from Stanford in Earth Systems.

Company: Annamaria founded Foothold Coaching with the belief that entrepreneurs–the scrappy revolutionaries on the front lines of business–should have access to the same professional coaching enjoyed by corporate executives.
During the past two years, she has spent hundreds of hours coaching over forty early-stage entrepreneurs and startup-CEOs. The shortest and best way to sum up the impact of her coaching is to quote a client who once referred her to another founder with this single line: “Anamaria keeps me sane and she helps me grow.”

fnMentoring is on Wednesday, February 19th beginning at 10:30 am PDT. RSVP here to participate in this event.

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