Finding A Technical Co-Founder Is Easier Than You Think


One of the biggest barriers to launching a tech startup is the founder’s own lack of technical expertise. Usually, a non-technical founder first looks to outsource web development overseas. While theoretically this seems like a good option, in practice it often fails….badly. Without going into the reasons why, it usually results in thousands of dollars and precious time wasted. In the worst cases, failed outsourcing not only kills the entire project but discourages the entrepreneur from pursuing future startup opportunities.

Instead of outsourcing, founders with a business background should start by finding a technical co-founder that will work for the same thing they are: equity. This strategy preserves cash flow while allowing you to build and iterate on your app at a minimal cost. As a result, you minimize risk while doubling the size of your company (to 2!).

Thanks to the the rise of social networking sites, finding your Steve Wozniak is now easier than ever. Several of our members have started sharing a list of these sites in our private Founders Forum along with strategies for bringing a co-founder on board. Here’s a partial list of resources posted by member Jason Demant:

  1. CoFounderGoogleDocs.Com — This was originally a Hacker News idea. Quite a few people are listed you can contact or you can just list yourself. I’ve listed myself and had 3 people contact me.
  2. — Another good list of people interested in joining a start-up. You can also list yourself, I’ve listed myself and had 2 people contact me.
  3. Find CoFounders LinkedIn Group — This group is suprisingly active. I recently posted my tech co-founder need to the group and have had about 4 people contact me.


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