Announcing New Regional Groups


Announcing New Region Groups for Tech Startup Founders at Founders Network
Founders Network members represent tech industries from all over the country and abroad. In response to the continuous growth of the network, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched Founders Network Regional Groups.

Maybe you’re a London FN’er and you want to find out which members are going to a local tech conference, or maybe you’re visiting Helsinki and you’d like to meet local members for a drink. FN Regional Groups allow members to easily connect with other founders in specific regions through unique group pages on our Online Mentorship Platform. We’ve organized our community into 16 regional groups, chaired by founders chosen for their dedication to the FN community.

We invite our members to join the conversations happening in their region, or to ping a different region for region specific expertise. We look forward to the success stories (#FNFTWs) that are achieved through these resources!

Our team is constantly looking for ways to connect and support our members!  To access FN’s many benefits, including our new FN Regional Groups, learn about our approval process here.

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