fnIRL 2018 | Announcing Our First 1-Day Global Conference!

Briana Okyere Member Post

We’re pleased to announce our first one day global conference, fnIRL 2018! Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, fnIRL will include 100+ tech founders and 20+ investors, and will feature:

  • Founder Keynotes and Panels: Topics sourced from content collected on the Founders Network forum.
  • Workshops: Based on founder’s objectives for their startups this year, collected on a quarterly basis by the FN Success Team.
  • Private Investor Office Hours: With 20+ vetted investors who have proven their commitment to mentoring founders by joining our fnInvestor Program.
  • Catered Breakfast & Lunch: Based on the sector, stage, and objectives for your startup, you will be sat with a curated small group for each meal.
  • A Special Wine Tasting Reception: Produced by Sonoma’s County’s own Viansa Winery.

RSVP: Members can RSVP here. If you’re interested in attending but are not a member, please request an invitation for membership.










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