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The following advice on finding Ruby Developers for your startup was provided by Chad Arimura, founder of Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., is a private company backed by many leading cloud investors including Baseline Ventures, Ignition Partners, Cloud Capital Partners and Jonathan Siegel (founder of RightScale). For more information, please visit


Anonymous writes:


Hi Chad,


I am developing a health-related web app with a small team and I’m wondering if you have any advice of how to find (ruby) programmers. This is a part-time equity position and we have several key aspects of the business already in place (bank partner with robust API, law firm, UI designer, market research). Is there a venue to target programmers who want to be courted to join early stage teams?


Chad’s Advice:

That’s a tough one because it’s a competitive market for finding developers, particularly Ruby developers here in the bay area.

I would recommend the following:

  • Consider remote or relocation hires
  • Consider a paid position (this is a tough one because equity-only is less common these days – especially for talented developers)
  • Sponsor an event with pizza or beer and you can have 2-3 minutes to stand up and talk about your startup (we run the SF Rails Group)
  • Try and get your developers to find developers. The best pitch comes from developers / CTO’s, not recruiters.
  • Be aggressive about networking in person but don’t sound spammy or infomercially
  • Environment and technical challenge are important to developers. Stress the technologies, challenges, experience, and environment over the promise of “gold at the end of the rainbow”

Hope this helps!


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