4 Reasons Why Over 500 Founders Belong To Founders Network

Galen Buckwalter


1. Become a smarter founder, instantly. 

Our Online Mentorship Platform taps over 500 carefully vetted tech founders to deliver real-time advice to solve your startup problems. Expect 2-3 responses from those who have “been there, done that” and can share their experience.  With over 3 years of forum history, our searchable archives hold most of the answers to startup questions.  Or simply listen in to the numerous conversations happening daily to stay current and avoid unforeseen issues.


2. Unload your burden. Sleep better. 

What keeps you up at night?  To complement the Online Mentorship Platform, Founders Network’s Peer Advisory Boards create private space for confidential “off the record” meetings with a small group of trusted founders.  Your fellow Peer Board Members know the context of where you’ve been, where you are today and where you want to go.  They can serve as a sounding board for developing your strategy, a source of accountability for achieving your goals and a support group for keeping you motivated.


3. Because you are too busy. 

Too busy growing your startup to attend random networking events?  We facilitate relationships with fellow members by organizing regular members-only events.  In addition, we connect our members to Tier-1 Venture Capital firms (August Capital, Charles River Ventures and Google Ventures), prominent Angel Investors (Gil Penchina and Jason Calacanis) and trusted partners (SoftLayer, Gunderson Dettmer and First Republic Bank). To ensure you get the most out of your membership, our staff takes the time to understand your needs and make individual introductions.

Tyler Dikman

4. Save over $200,000.00

Through FN, access over $200k on deals from ADP to Zipcar which will easily compensate your membership fees and save you time by connecting you to trusted and recommended vendors and services.  We have aligned with partners and vendors who offer expert services catered to your needs as a startup founder.

Everyday we make it our job to ensure founders are getting the support they need to achieve their goals. We offer you the opportunity to build relationships that will be the game changers of your career and last a lifetime. I look forward to receiving your application to this month’s cohort and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Cheers, Kevin Holmes

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