Apple Veteran & Simplr Founder Accelerates Recruiting Through FN


Devang Patel, Founder of Simplr Saves Time through FN on Recruiting #FNFTW

“The Founders Network community is amazing. Through my engagement on the platform, I received excellent advice and referrals for making one of my first hires. Prior to this experience, we weren’t sure what skills to look for in the candidate, but thanks to FN, we were able to speed up the process and gain peace of mind that we are making the right decision.” – Devang Patel, CEO and Founder of Simplr

Devang Patel is Founder & CEO of Simplr, a tool that improves your productivity on social networks.  An Apple Veteran from the Xcode team and partner in the largest AngelList syndicate, Devang regularly gives back by sharing his expertise and connections with fellow members via the Online Mentorship Platform.  When he had a challenge of his own, the community responded immediately.

Like many founders, Devang needed to hire one of his first employees.  After posting to the Forum, Devang received numerous replies with input on what skills to look for during the hiring process, as well as potential candidates for the position. Devang was able to speed up the recruiting process and gain peace of mind in making a critical early stage hiring decision.

On behalf of Devang, thank you to the FN’ers who offered their peer mentorship and support, including: William Santana Li of Knightscope, Elizabeth Kiehner of Gifty, Noam Wolf of MarketMan, Jonathan Gleason of Gunderson Dettmer, Jason Demant of Unanchor, and Dru Armstrong of Lily Pod. Join us in thanking them by clicking to tweet.

Resources Used by Devang:
Online Mentorship Platform for recruiting advice and peer mentorship
fnMentoring sessions with Charles River Ventures, Angel Investor Gil Penchina, and  Maven Ventures

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