Legal Tips for Startups

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The following is a guest post from fnBlog Contributor Matthew Faustman, founder of UpCounsel.


UpCounsel’s blog posts aggregate the very best legal advice we can find from top attorneys about legal issues that startups and small businesses face. Here is our list of UpCounsel’s blogs that apply just for the startup community (assembled in a somewhat chronological order). We are constantly adding to this based on the requests from our readers – so let us know what we need to write about.


1.  Free Legal Documents and Guides


2.  When To Form Your Company


3.  What and Where? Choosing Your Company’s Legal Entity


4.  Founder Agreements: Restricted Stock And Distributing Equity


5.  Guide To Forming A Delaware Corporation


6.  Creating and Understanding Your Employee Equity Plan


7.  Website Best Practices: Terms of Use and Privacy Policies


8.  Independent Contractor Guide for Entrepreneurs


9.  Dealing with a Departing Founder

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