Introducing the September ’12 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders



We are proud to introduce our September ’12 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders. Pictured from top left they are:

  1. Alex Trimis, Co-Founder/CEO of, based in Athens and San Francisco, CA. connects travelers and locals in order to create more authentic travel experiences. Prior experience includes Product Manager at Survey Monkey, Product Head at Edubrite Systems and Product Manager at oDesk. Alex holds a MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.
  2. Brendan Sladek,  Founder of Mentre LLC, based in Dallas, TX. Mentre develops productivity and management resources for the entertainment industry. Experience includes Event Coordinator at Aulden Walker Productions. Brendan holds a BS, Music Industry Studies from Loyola University.
  3. Daina Burnes, Co-Founder/CEO, Fashion Metric, based in Los Angeles, CA. Fashion Metric helps men find shirts that fit their body and match their style. Experience includes Co-founding Appraiso. Daina holds a BS in Bioengineering from the University of Guelph, Canada.
  4. Daniel Chen, Co-founder at Bucksprout, based in Mountain View, CA. Bucksprout is building social finance software that uses game mechanics to help 22-40 year olds achieve financial freedom. Experience includes Board Member of Junior Achievement of Silicon Valley, Marketing/Finance at Hexify and Finanace at Ebay. Daniel holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.
  5. Diego Jimenez, Founder of PingmeGram, based in New York, NY. PingmeGram offers users a way to get notified in real-time of important messages they care about from companies or people they are interested in. Experience includes Management Consultant for McKinsey & Co and Senior Developer at Lehman Brothers.
  6. Dudley Fitzpatrick, Founder/CEO at RipNet, based in Pennington, NJ. RipNet is a goal scoring technology and social network for athletes. Prior experience includes Founder at DUOMENTIS, Founder at JagTag and Founder at SFGT. Dudley attended Miami University.
  7. Eric Arias, Founder of AmplifyM, based in Santa Monica, CA. AmplifyM is a mobile ad platform that is focused performance.  Prior experience includes ownership of CPAmob and Traffic Venue.
  8. Josh Pigford, Co-founder/CEO of PopSurvey, based in Birmingham, AL. PopSurvey is focused on changing the survey industry. Previous experience includes Founder of TheAppleBlog, Founder of Fugitive Toys and Founder of PugSpot.
  9. Marcus Nelson, Founder/CEO of Addvocate, based in El Cerrito, CA. Addvocate is the first employee management service for social media. Prior experience includes Director of Social Media at, Co-Founder of UserVoice, and Founder at Marcus attended the University of Wisconsin
  10. Meghan  Conroy, Founder/CEO of CaptureProof, based in San Francisco, CA. CaptureProof provides a HIPAA compliant platform for patients and to securely share medically relevant photos and video. Prior experience includes Clinical Trail Photography Management at bH (brilliantHUSH), Sales Representative at Johnson & Johnson and Consultant at Computer Sciences Corporation. Meghan holds a MA in Digital Photography from SPEOS Paris Photography Institute.
  11. Morgan Linton, Co-founder of Fashion Metric LLC, based in Los Angeles, CA. Fashion Metric helps men find shirts that fit their body and match their style. Previous experience includes founder of Linton Investments LLC, and International Channel manager of Sonos, Inc. Morgan holds a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.
  12. Scott Raio, Co-founder of, based in Irvine, CA. is a XMPP micro-note platform that allows users to rapidly collect ideas, bookmark links, and schedule tasks. Experience includes Founder of Workory, Inc., Founder of Verascale, Inc., and Co-founder of Uplink Systems.
  13. Solomon Hykes, CEO of dotCloud, based in San Francisco, CA. dotCloud is a next-generation PaaS cloud service for developers. Prior experience includes Post Sales Engineer at SmartJog,Trusted Infrastructure Engineer at CEIS, and Independent IT teacher. Solomon holds a MS, Information Technology from the European Institute of Technology.
  14. Taylor Umphreys, Founder/CEO of brightblu, based in Redwood City, CA. Brightblu provides affordable plug and play home automation using Bluetooth 4.0 technology.  Prior experience includes Systems Engineer at NetApp, Engineering Lab Researcher at the Center For Energy Efficient Materials, and Engineering Intern at Sonim Technologies. Taylor holds a BS in Computer & Electrical Engineering from The University of California, Santa Barbara.
  15. Thomas Mueller, Co-founder of SeatSwapr, based in Madison, WI. SeatSwapr will improve the air travel experience by letting fliers trade seats with other passengers on the same flight. Prior experience includes Data Management at WEA Trust, VP of Programs for the Wisconsin DAMA Chapter, and Business Intelligence Specialist for the Berbee Information Networks Corporation. Thomas holds a MBA, Business Administration from Edgewood College.
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