Introducing the May ’15 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders


We are proud to introduce our May ’15 Cohort of tech startup founders! This month, our newest members represent FN’s growth in Vancouver, Las Vegas, Ann Arbor and SF/SV. We welcome graduates from Duke, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and other top-tier schools. Coming from many diverse backgrounds, they have studied subjects from electrical engineering to comparative literature, and cognitive science to marketing.  These founders offer years of experience in areas such as web development, business development, information technology, investment banking, and more – with previous experience from companies including EA, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, HP, SalesForce, and Atari.

We welcome this new cohort and we can’t wait to see their contributions and successes through Founders Network!


Karen Bakker, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersKaren Bakker, Co-Founder and CEO of Prollster. Prollster’s patent-pending grouping algorithm recreates the ideal environment for engaged discussion: a small classroom. Karen is based in Vancouver, BC.

Susan Bratton, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersSusan Bratton, Founder and CEO of Meals to Heal. Meals to Heal is a technology-enabled provider of solutions to the nutritional issues experienced by people with chronic medical conditions. Susan is based in New York City, NY.

Josh Daneshforooz, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersJosh Daneshforooz, Founder of Smyle Inc. Smyle helps you better manage your memories in the cloud services you already trust and love. Josh is based Las Vegas, NV.

Roxanne Gibert, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersRoxanne Gibert, Founder and CEO of EchoRank. EchoRank provides a viral score known as the “EchoScore” to each piece of content shared across social media. Roxanne is based in San Francisco, CA.

Jose A. Gonzalez, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersJose A. Gonzalez, Founder of Zahoree. Zahoree enables small and medium-size organizations to extract value from their data, by providing a unique, big data analytics-as-a-service. Jose is based in Silicon Valley, CA.

Vishal Gupta, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersVishal Gupta, Founder of Diro Labs. Diro Labs is a team created to launch the next generation of mobility and internet. Vishal is based in Silicon Valley, CA.

Brandee Kathan, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersBrandee Kathan, Co-Founder and CEO of SocietySource. SocietySource is in stealth mode. Brandee is based in San Francisco, CA.

Michael Moll, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersMichael Moll, Co-Founder of mygreenspace. mygreenspace helps users grow food with confidence through simple garden planning, e-commerce and maintenance software. Michael is based in Vancouver, BC.

Giancarlo Mori, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersGiancarlo Mori, Founder and CEO of Movyl Entertainment. Movyl Entertainment is a mobile entertainment network that develops and distributes social and mobile games. Giancarlo is based in San Francisco, CA.

Chris Norton, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersChris Norton, Founder of BRIM. BRIM Anti-Bullying Software is a SaaS provider dedicated to helping schools and school districts reduce and eliminate bullying. Chris is based in Vancouver, BC.

Ramesh Padala, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersRamesh Padala, Founder & CEO of yogatailor app. yogatailor creates a custom yoga and mindfulness program for users through streaming videos based on skill and progress. Ramesh is based in Silicon Valley, CA.

John PoffenbargerJohn Poffenbarger, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders, Founder of Definitive Data Security, Inc. DefiniSec offers minimally intrusive security software that is simple to deploy and administer while delivering the highest levels of data protection. John in based in San Francisco, CA.

Jared Ranere, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersJared Ranere, Co-Founder and CEO of Brief. Brief is a personal trainer for business relationships. Jared is based in San Francisco, CA.

Navid Rastegar, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersNavid Rastegar, Founder of FitBliss. FitBliss allows users to easily create, track, & share fitness exercises and routines with their employees. Navid is based in San Francisco, CA.

Guy Suter, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersGuy Suter, Founder of Notion. Notion reimagines a user’s email experience using thoughtfully-applied intelligence. Guy is based in Ann Arbor, MI.

Jordi Vilalta, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersJordi Vilalta, Founder of GNA Hotel Solutions. GNA Hotel Solutions is a strategic and project implementation consultancy with 17 years of experience in e-tourism. Jordi is based in San Francisco, CA.

Balint Vojnits, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup FoundersBalint Vojnits, Founder of FindLost24. FindLost24 is an international community  which provides solutions for lost people, pets, valuables and stolen vehicles. Balint is based in Palo Alto, CA.

With the addition of the May ’15 Cohort, Founders Network is now more than 500 members strong! You can check out our previous cohorts here

We are passionate about combining the rich and diverse experience and perspectives all of our members bring to our peer mentorship community of tech startup founders. Together, we are taking management and personal risk off the table and ensuring mutual success. Stay tuned to Founders Edge for startup updates, tips and lessons learned from each of our new members. To learn more about Founders Network click here.

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