Introducing the December ’15 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders


The eleven founders who join us this month represent experience across 25 startups, ranging from teen entrepreneurship to the Fortune 100 and from the White House to corporate Russia. A special thanks to this month’s top nominator, Sameer Gupta, and welcome to our newest founders:

Arthur LiArthur Li, Founder / CEO of DemandLayer, Inc.: Real time price product optimization based off of market trends and analytics. Arthur was nominated by Lenard De Guzman and is based in Los Angeles.




Christian SommerChristian Sommer, CEO of ZIDIWORK: Creating a better, more engaged workforce by bringing personal development to the workplace. Christian was nominated by Lee Loughnane and is based in San Francisco.




Christine MoseleyChristine Moseley, Founder of Full Harvest: A B2B platform helping to reduce food waste at the farm level. Christine was nominated by George Ludwig and is based in New York City.




Drew OrensteinDrew Orenstein, President and Founder of Intelligent Design VR and Intelligent Design AR: Real Estate Finance and Development. Drew was nominated by Sameer Gupta and is based in Los Angeles. 




Gianluca RuggieroGianluca Ruggiero, Founder of MASSIVE: Transforming millions of product reviews online into actionable insights that are significantly more reliable than traditional sources. Gianluca was nominated by Roberto Scaccia and is based in New York City.



Maxim NogotkovMaxim Nogotkov, Founder of Knockchat: Use Knock app to see who your neighbors are, around your home, work or university. Maxim was nominated by Kevin Holmes and is based in Silicon Valley.




Michelle CramesMichelle Crames, Founder of BRAM: Working with CEOs to develop strategy and execution around future growth opportunities and capital needs. Michelle was nominated by Sameer Gupta and is based in Los Angeles.



Ola KowalewskiOla Kowalewski, CEO of Medinovel: Challenging the conventional by designing medical products & experiences that delight the user and improve the health-care system. Ola was nominated by Louis-Victor Jadavji and is based in Vancouver.



Rahul MewawallaRahul Mewawalla, CEO of Everfave: All your & your friends’ favorite places and services, in one easy and delightful place. Rahul was nominated by Ramesh Padala and is based in San Francisco.




Thomas JungThomas Jung, CEO of AdvantageTec, Inc.: Providing new car dealers with an integrated suite of advertising and sms marketing solutions to manage the customer’s in-store experience. Thomas was nominated by Andreas Wilkens and is based in San Francisco.



Todd AaronsonTodd Aaronson, President/CEO of Plink (Plink Entertainment, Inc.): The easiest way for musicians to manage their gigs, events and opportunities. Todd was nominated by Kevin Holmes and is based in San Francisco.

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