Strategic Technical Support Outsourcing with Sudheesh Subhash


According to a recent report, 53 percent of businesses expect their IT budgets to grow over the next 12 months. The report indicates the top factor driving companies to increase budgets is the elevated priority of IT projects. 

IT can make or break a startup. Whether it’s having dependable cloud infrastructure or a reliable IT support team to field customer issues, how well a startup executes their IT operation is a key indicator of success. While tech startups might seem uniquely positioned to handle IT implementation and management, IT functions can be a burden on funding and resources. 

Outsourcing CX functions is an increasingly popular business strategy. According to tech entrepreneur Sudheesh Subhash it can help startups cut costs and shift focus to core business activities.

Subhash is the CEO of NetServ, an IT solutions provider. On Jan. 26, 2022, he will be hosting Office Hours for Founders Network members where he’ll discuss the importance of outsourcing key CX functions of your business so you can reduce operating expenditures. Here’s a look at how IT outsourcing can benefit your startup.

Startups have their hands full with things like building their product, innovation, growth, and sales. Share on X

Eliminate the headache

Startups are often run with minimal staff. In fact, according to one report, 79.7 percent of U.S. small businesses employ only the founder. However, even founders with a dedicated team around them often find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of responsibilities that come with getting a business off the ground. 

Setting up IT technical support  operations is one more thing for founders to worry about. However, whether it’s building a support team, managing and maintaining SLA’s, or securing data and cloud infrastructure, outsourcing technical support teams can reduce the burden. 

“Startups have their hands full with things like building their product, innovation, growth, and sales,” Subhash says. “There’s a lot involved in building and sustaining IT functions. When they outsource, all of this is a headache they don’t have to deal with.”

There’s a lot involved in building and sustaining IT functions. Share on X

Reduce OPEX and CAPEX

In addition to the resource burden of handling CX functions in house, there are major costs associated with the process of building and maintaining the team. In addition to building team, companies need to handle call center tools and processes, upfront operational costs, maintaining and managing SLAs, customer sat and escalations, and more.

“There are multiple layers of management and specific tools that need to be built,” Subhash says.

Technical support outsourcing removes the capital expenditure costs involved in hiring the team and other infrastructure upfront. It can also reduce operational costs, by replacing IT payroll costs with a predictable, monthly fee paid to a managed service provider.

With all the skill-set shortage issues right now, it can be hard to even find people. Share on X

Access to high-quality talent 

Those startups who want to go the in-house technical support team route might also find it difficult to find the IT personnel necessary to maintain operations. According to a new report, IT workers will be hard to find and keep in 2022. In multiple surveys, decision makers cited IT talent shortages as a significant barrier.

“With all the skill-set resource issues right now, it can be hard to even find people,” Subhash says. “Even when you find people, to retain them can also be a challenge.”

Technical support  outsourcing ensures startups have a fully staffed help desk available 24/7.

To learn more about the benefits of strategic IT outsourcing, see if you qualify for membership to attend Subhash’s Office Hours on Jan. 26, 2022.

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