News For Week of February 3: Michael Castellano’s startup Engajer Released a New Video Platform that helps Cancer for College Tell Its Story in a Customizable, Interactive Way

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Check out Founders Network members making headlines in this week’s member news roundup. Founders Network offers peer mentorship for over 500 tech startup founders. To learn more about FN, please visit www.foundersnetwork.com

Michael Castellano, CEO/Founder of engajerMichael Castellano’s startup Engajer released a sophisticated new video platform that helps Cancer for College tell it’s story in a customizable, interactive way. Engajer is a cloud-based sales and communication platform that engages viewers deeply via interactive non-linear online videos, provides deep lead.


Jack Gonzalez aMAP.to

Jack Gonzalez, Founder of aMAP.to launched MapJam. MapJam is a totally new version of thier popular mapping platform and allows you to share beautiful personalized maps.


Arjun Dev Arora, ReTargeterArjun Dev Arora‘s startup ReTargeter is part of the booming industry of startups serving startupsReTargeter is a full service display provider specializing in advanced retargeting solutions.


MeghanConroyMeghan Conroy, Founder of CaptureProof was interviewed by Bloomberg TelevisionCaptureProof is a secure platform for patients to share photos and videos with their doctor.



Rakesh Tondon, CEO of LE TOTERakesh Tondon‘s startup LE TOTE reprograms you to shop smarter, with your closet space in mind. LE TOTE is a women’s online fashion rental service offering access to unlimited boutique style apparel and accessories for everyday wear.


Marc Hoag, VunturocketMarc Hoag‘s startup Venturocket was SourceCon’s Startup Spotlight of the week. Venturocket automatically connects job seekers with the most relevant jobs for their skills without any searching, without any applying, without anything.


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