News For Week of July 29: Amir Tarighat Announces EquaMetrics Raises $4.5M To Help Traders Set Up Algorithms


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Amir TarighatAmir Tarighat announced that EquaMetrics raised $4.5M in their second seed round led by private angel investors.
EquaMetrics is a financial software and systems developer that specializes in algorithmic trading applications.


Marcus Nelson of AddvocateMarcus Nelson announced that Addvocate raised $2M Series A round led by Rogers Venture Partners. Addvocate simplifies the task of posting, scheduling, sharing, and organizing the social voices of your business.


Yu-kai Chou, tech startup founder

Yu-kai Chou’s startup RewardMe made Upcity’s Top 20 Loyalty Reward Apps For Small Businesses. RewardMe is the world’s first Real-time Intelligent CRM Platform for Local Commerce, created to solve the most pressing problem facing.


Solomon_Hykes-2 (1)Solomon Hykes of DotCloud’s project Docker was featured in TechCrunch. Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere.



Ioannis Verdelis, SyntelliaIoannis Verdelis’ startup Syntellia made the Wall Street Journal’s Top 20 startups of 2013. Syntellia focuses on disruptive innovations that can revolutionize market sectors and make a real difference to the businesses to which they are applied.


Chad ArimuraChad Arimura announced that IronMQ now has Fan-out Support. IronMQ is a message queuing service (a form of message queue offered as a cloud-based service) provided by


MatthewFaustmanMatthew Faustman’s startup Upcounsel was featured in TechCrunch. UpCounsel provides a marketplace of attorneys to help small businesses and startups find cost-effective legal help without hiring a full-service law firm.


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