News For Week of April 1: Richard Mandeberg raises $1 million in funding for GroundCntrl


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Richard MandebergRichard Mandeberg of GroundCntrl announced that they raised $1 million in funding. GroundCntrl is a combination of a software as a service and a mobile app that organizes tasks and employee-incentive programs. It’s specifically aimed at companies with a “mobile workforce,” businesses that have workers spread out and not necessarily in an office. An example could be a canvassing business, such as the environmental folks you see on the sidewalks asking for a moment of your time.

Fryderyk Ovcaric, CEO at Social Media Interactive Inc.

We’re excited to wish Fryderyk Ovcaric a big congratulations this week on the launch of Instapray! Instapray is a free mobile app that’s available for both iPhone and Android. It connects you with people around the world for the purposes of sharing prayer requests, and praying for others too. The ultimate goal of Instapray is to facilitate loving and supportive personal connections within our global community.

Robert BanagaleRobert Banagale of Gliph, Inc. announced that there has been a big update to their app, for both iPhone and Android. Selective Push is a way to protect your privacy when you receive push notifications on your phone. The update allows you to personalize your push notifications even more by being able to choose which conversations you want to stay inside the app, and which ones are allowed to “push” through. Gliph offers you more privacy through text messaging, whether you’re selling items on Craigslist, or you’re just getting to know a new friend.

MendelChuangMendel Chuang of Smoopa announced a new update to their app, which is available through the App Store through iOS. Smoopa is an app that was designed specifically for those who love to shop ’til they drop. It’s designed to help you find the best deals, regardless of what you’re shopping for. It’s also a social application, which will allow you to connect with other shoppers who are on missions of their own. Whether you’re shopping online, or you’re hitting the mall, Smoopa will help you get bargain after bargain.


Stephen Dash, CEO of joinStampedeCongratulations to Stephen Dash of JoinStampede for being featured in International Times this week! JoinStampede just had their launch about two weeks ago, and they’re focusing their efforts on negotiating better student loan terms on behalf of borrowers everywhere. Rather than appealing to Congress, JoinStampede focuses on the lenders, and they’re working hard to see a big change for college student debt.


John Wantz, Founder of myaNUMBERWe’re really excited for John Wantz of , whose company was chosen out of over 100 other startups to join the first B2B Accelerator from 9MileLabs. will be receiving $20,000, mentoring and temporary office space. What a great opportunity for growth! combines the sales data with the social data for various companies in order to improve commerce operations.

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