Founders Network: News For The Week Of February 11

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Kevin Holmes

As you know, here at Founders Network, one thing we’re not is short on news.  Here’s a taste of some of the great things that are happening around here for a few of our founders.

Zachary Goldberg, Co-Founder and CEO of WiFastZach Goldberg, founder and CEO of WiFast is thrilled about the future of Wifi and prides himself on creating new and inventive ways to make it “not broken” for the world. Goldberg is focused on improving the human condition and using his technological know-how to do it.

Domingo GuerraDomingo Guerra, President and co-founder of Appthority joined with Arxan Technologies’ Kevin Morgan and John Fellows of Kaazing at Apps World North America 2013 to discuss mobile app security on February 7-8, 2013. Topics focused on the upcoming generation of app hackers and innovative ways to ensure mobile safety and security.

starup ski busWouldn’t you say skiing and networking go hand in hand? We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve added yet another bus to our Startup Ski Bus event, which is happening on February 22, 2013. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a day of skiing while you get to know some of your fellow startup founders. Get your tickets now to join in on the fun!

David Cheng, Founder and CEO of VendorStackMany congratulations are in order for David Cheng, who is the co-founder of a new service that functions like a mixture between Yelp and Quora. The service is called VendorStack, and it give customers the ability to not only rate vendors, but also ask questions about products or companies. Social media continues to be on the rise, and VendorStack fills a need that customers have had for a long time.

Arjun Dev Arora, ReTargeterIt was no surprise to us to find out that ReTargeter was named a 2012 Best and Brightest Company To Work For. Founder and CEO, Arjun Dev Arora boasts that ReTargeter “…goes beyond the paycheck to create a positive company culture.” The company does an incredible service for brands in that they help them to focus their marketing efforts toward people who have previously engaged them anywhere on the Internet.

Micah Baldwin, GraphiclyGraphicly, which is an incredible entertainment and digital content publishing platform made great strides over the last year at growing their customers.  Micah Baldwin, CEO was astounded at their growth rate, from 300 customers to 6000 customers by the end of 2012.  Their secret?  Taking a risk and making some drastic changes, which resulted in revolutionizing the ebook world.  Now, Graphicly is complete virtual…and still growing!

dotCloudThe CEO of dotCloud, Solomon Hykes was recently featured on  He recently participated in DeveloperWeekly 2013, moderating a panel discussion called, “Your User Interface Sucks: Case Studies in Why Design + UI Make a Huge Difference”.  DotCloud offers developers complete app management, from start to finish, in the Cloud.

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