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Shasta Ventures
Shasta Ventures is an early-stage investment firm focused on U.S. companies in the consumer Internet, mobile and software sectors. Shasta was formed to back brilliant entrepreneurs with an unwavering commitment to the customer experience. Their partners’ experience in marketing, as well as technology, gives them a leg up in analyzing products, potential markets and customers.
The customer at Shasta is the entrepreneur. They back only a small number of companies each year to maximize the service they provide. They offer a lineup of other events throughout the year, from dinners to marketing summits to casual ski weekends, to expose their portfolio CEOs to other insights and points of view.

Senior Associate at Shasta Ventures

Jacob Mullins, Senior Associate at Shasta Ventures

Jacob Mullins

Senior Associate

B.A., Political Science from Yale University

Jacob joined Shasta Ventures in the summer of 2011, where he focuses on consumer web services and mobile technologies. Before Shasta, Jacob launched and led the U.S. marketing for the BizSpark program, Microsoft’s startup engagement program, growing it to over 35,000 members in 100+ countries. Prior, Jacob was the “business guy” at VentureBeat.com leading all non-editorial efforts including revenue generation, advertising relationships and strategic partnerships. Jacob began his career by co-founding a dietary supplement consumer packaged goods company while in college. As CEO, he led this startup become a publicly traded-OTC company that manufactured and distributed three product lines in retail, online, and direct marketing channels.

Jacob is the Chairman of the Beverly Mullins Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship at UC Berkeley offering financial assistance to non-traditional aged single parents who are pursuing their undergraduate degrees. Jacob has a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University.

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