fnMilestone: Geremie Camara of TicTokLabs, Inc. on launching JamTok in iTunes

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fnMilestones celebrate the significant startup achievements of our members and acknowledge the Founders Network members who helped them along the way. Below is a brief interview with Geremie Camara of TicTokLabs, Inc. who launched JamTok, a Spanish-English Language App On iTunes.

TicTokLabs, Inc. developed JamTok as a multi-platform, gamified learning service aimed at the $83 billion worldwide language learning market. It uses popular music and games to teach foreign languages. Launched by a team of experienced international media & technology professionals, JamTok is focused on the largest language learning opportunities in the US and abroad, offering an attractive supplement to formal language studies at Universities, or via programs like Berlitz or Rosetta Stone.

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