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Name: Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis of

Jason Calacanis of

Background: Jason Calacanis is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, his focus is on media, but he is well versed in all things startup. Jason currently has the 4th largest syndicate on Angellist and is very well known for his PodCast, This Week In Startups.

Company: is a real-time mobile news app designed to be the most efficient way to stay informed. delivers over 1,000 of the world’s most important and fascinating stories each day, personalized to you.
Their curators’ 300-character, fact-filled “updates” give you what you need to know while on the go. They only link to the most relevant and original sources with the best reporting, and weed out the overwhelming noise in the news space. They seek out the true experts on every story. Customize your news feed to follow only the topics you love – whether it’s sports, movies or parenting. Never miss a thing on the subjects you care most about.

fnMentoring is on Thursday, March 13th beginning at 7pm PDT. RSVP here to participate in this event.

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