Crafting a Compelling Startup Vision

Crafting a Startup Vision

A compelling vision statement is a valuable tool for startup founders. In large corporations a vision statement helps organize and motivate and existing group of people around a shared picture of a desired future state. In startups the purpose of a vision statement is less about creating clarity among an existing group and more about inspiring a new group to work together, often with no or reduced pay.  But what are the components of a compelling startup vision?  Is a clear startup vision always necessary?  How is a vision different from your mission?  This edition of Good News for Founders offers resources to help you understand what makes a compelling startup vision and how to craft or refine one for your startup.

  • Inspiring a shared vision is one of the fundamentals of leading a startup.  Read this Harvard Business Review article on Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes Leadership Challenge.
  • Lifehacker’s take on the difference between vision and mission: mission is what you do every day, vision is where you want to go.  You don’t need both.
  • Jim Collins (author of Good to Great) has this framework and this guide available for crafting a vision.
  • Erica Olsen’s youtube breakdown of the components of a compelling vision.


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