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Nathan Gold

How to Captivate a Virtual Audience in Less Than 30 Seconds

Jan 18, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

The COVID-19  pandemic, and ensuing switch to all-virtual environments, has totally changed the game for keynotes, pitches, sales meetings and other high-stakes presentations. That’s why it’s critical for founders to …

Carl Christensen

How Spacemaker Built Game-Changing AI and Got Acquired for $240M in Four Years

Jan 14, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

The building sectors aren’t exactly known for rapid innovation. Legacy processes and systems are the norm for many companies in architecture, construction and engineering. But given global trends toward urbanization …

Janine Yancey

How to Drive Inclusion Through Workplace Social Indicators with Janine Yancey

Dec 21, 2020

Tech Startup AdviceWomen Entrepreneurs

We all want to build an inclusive workplace. But beyond recruitment and retention, what are the levers that drive better outcomes? Join Janine Yancey, founder and CEO of Emtrain, for …


Need a Last-Minute Gift? Check Out Founders Network’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 21, 2020

Founders Community

Need a last-minute holiday gift, or something to bring joy to your loved ones well into the New Year? Look no further than Founders Network: Members of our community are …

Sean Gourley

How Sean Gourley, Primer Founder and CEO, Pivoted from ‘Mathematics of War’ to Two Groundbreaking Tech Startups

Dec 14, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

For Sean Gourley, founding a startup — the first time around, anyway — can feel like walking around an undiscovered jungle, not knowing what dangers may await.  Gourley, founder and …

Jags Kandasamy

How I Raised a $3.5M Seed Round Led by Steve Jurvetson in 30 Days

Dec 03, 2020

Startup Investing and Funding

There is much more to effective networking than swapping business cards at cocktail parties and conferences. Particularly when it comes to fundraising, successful networking requires a methodical, even scientific approach. …

Invest in your network

Invest in Your Network: Founders Network Seattle Chapter Panel

Nov 09, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

During these times, when many founders find it difficult to expand their network and cultivate meaningful relationships, relying on startup ecosystems is more important than ever. At an interactive panel, …

Henri Deshays

Pitch Practice with Newfund Capital’s Henri Deshays

Nov 05, 2020

Startup Investing and Funding

For Newfund Capital partner Henri Deshays, passion and commitment to solve a specific problem is the cornerstone of a potential early-stage investment. Deshays, who also co-founded Stanford’s StartX accelerator program …

Geoff Cook

How I Survived My Board and Investors Long Enough to Sell for $500M

Oct 29, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

You may believe yourself to be irreplaceable, but you are the only one who thinks so. Board members can not only replace you; at times, they may instinctively want to. …

Nathan Parcells

Building Better Co-Founder Communication with Nathan Parcells

Oct 26, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

Communication is a two-way channel, and it can make or break your startup. Nathan Parcells, executive coach with Sharpend and co-founder of Looksharp, shares techniques for better, more resilient co-founder …


Why I Founded and How I Sold A Startup For $270M in Two Years

Oct 22, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

For Greg Mayes, founder of Engage Therapeutics, the startup journey was personal. At a Founders Network seminar, Greg walks through the key ingredients in founding, building and selling a pharmaceutical …

Anne Sandberg

The Mindset Framework: How Growth Thinking Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

Oct 19, 2020

Tech Startup AdviceWomen Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs share a few common straits: Optimism, open-mindedness, and collaboration, among others. Anne Sandberg, an organizational development coach and Chief Learning Officer at the Center for Growth Leadership, explains …

Matthew Lee

How to Build Products for Gen Z and Beyond feat. Matthew Lee

Oct 15, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

Gen Alpha makes up 1 out of every 7 people in the world, but this emerging demographic is often misunderstood. Matthew Lee, founder of Progression Fund with & TikTok …


Black Founders Focus: Overcoming Adversity with Khiry Kemp and Tiffany Dufu

Oct 12, 2020

Founders CommunityWomen Entrepreneurs

This year has placed a national spotlight on the Black experience, and it’s more important than ever for successful Black founders to share their insight and advice. Oppti founder Khiry …

Guissu Baier

How to Build Culture from Day 1, Even in a Pandemic with Guissu Baier

Oct 05, 2020

Tech Startup AdviceWomen Entrepreneurs

Building a successful company is so much more than finding product/market fit. It is equally about culture: How you behave, communicate, create accountability, celebrate wins and learn from failures. With …