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Michael Avent

Founder Liquidity, A Simple Method With Michael Avent

Sep 23, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

For the last decade, Michael Avent has served as corporate counsel to up and coming startups in the technology and life sciences fields. He regularly aids these startups in negotiations …

Return to Normal? How fn Members Feel About Getting Together at this Stage in the COVID Pandemic

Sep 21, 2021

Founders CommunityResearch Insights

Introducing Founders Network Research Insights We are pleased to share data from the first fn Research Insights report, an ongoing series of market research on topics of interest to our …

Trey Matteson

Keeping it Lean with Trey Matteson

Sep 20, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Trey Matteson, co-founder of Roadster, which was recently acquired by CDK Global for $360M, has always enjoyed solving problems collaboratively, so founding Roadster with a small, high-powered team was a …

Meetul Shah

My Journey into Customer Funding with Meetul Shah

Sep 16, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Meetul Shah has always known he could build things. An engineer and the founder of technographics provider DemandMatrix, which was recently bought by Demandbase, Shah started creating innovative companies at …

Micha Breakstone

7 Personal Lessons I Have Learned About Building Great Startups

Sep 16, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Serial entrepreneur Micha Breakstone, co-founder of, which was recently acquired by ZoomInfo for $575M, has every reason to focus exclusively on his many successes, but he prefers to speak …

Tyler Welch

Disengage from the Grind to Build Teams

Sep 13, 2021

Founders Community

Startup teams are used to bonding over deadlines and the constant pressure to deliver but Tyler Welch, founder and CEO of Tyler’s Mystery Tours, offers a different approach to team …

Murli Thirumale

The SdbS Method to Startup Success

Sep 13, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Passion is a key ingredient in startup success, but according to serial entrepreneur Murli Thirumale, it plays a smaller part than many think. “What is truly important for a founder …

Alex Bean

Five Questions to Founders who Want A Successful Startup from Alex Bean of Divvy

Sep 02, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Alex Bean is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Divvy, the leading spend and expense management platform for businesses. Founded in 2016, Divvy makes it easy to access the …

Product Panel

How to find opportunity in an ever-changing world: A product panel

Aug 23, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

When the world came to a screeching halt 18 months ago, it was hard to imagine how any innovation could realize its full potential. Taking a pause made the most …

Vinita Rathi

Data Engineering for Your Startup: Vinita Rathi’s Advice, Founder of Systango

Aug 16, 2021

Tech Startup AdviceWomen Entrepreneurs

Originally brought up in India, Vinita Rathi later moved to London and began working at Goldman Sachs. For five years – with initially, no financial knowledge – she worked her …

Nathan Parcells

How to Hire Your First Executive Coach as a Founder

Aug 12, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

More and more VC’s and leaders are recommending founders hire an executive coach to offer emotional support and increase performance. Coaches can be game-changing for some founders. Similar to how …

Daniel Solomon

Implementing Lean UX is the key to your company’s growth with Daniel Solomon

Aug 11, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

For Daniel Solomon, a great deal of that success comes from employing a Lean UX methodology. A lean methodology was first made famous by Toyota. Their system had been employed …

Felipe Sommer

Effective Exit Strategies: A Talk on Acquisitions with Felipe Sommer

Aug 10, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Felipe Sommer has a passion for technology and education. Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Nearpod, a mobile platform that focuses on empowering educators to create learning experiences that engage …

Holly Woods

Reclaim your Purpose for Startup Success with Holly Woods

Aug 05, 2021

Tech Startup AdviceWomen Entrepreneurs

According to experts, about 90% of startups end in failure. In many cases, entrepreneurs simply run out of money and are forced to quit. However, according to consultant and coach …

Growth Panel

Build your startup right: A growth panel on marketing, sales & SaaS

Jul 29, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Our upcoming growth panel will cover a range of advice on communications, marketing, and founding a SaaS company. Below are some highlights of what you’ll learn from the panelists. Ataer …