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Dave Renz

Process to Product: Using Tech to Full Advantage with Dave Renz

Mar 08, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Dave Renz began his career working for a large company, but found his true passion to be startups. However, that time at an enterprise level company proved to be invaluable …

John Corcoran

The Product/Market Fit Reality Check with John Corcoran

Mar 01, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Founder and product designer John Corcoran has spent 14 years working in user research and various lead designer roles—with the all encompassing goal of mastering product in order to scale …

Nnamdi Iregbulem

Pitching Your Enterprise Software Startup with Lightspeed’s Nnamdi Iregbulem

Feb 25, 2021

Startup Investing and Funding

A self-taught programmer turned venture capitalist, Nnamdi Iregbulem, who specializes in enterprise software, loves to dive into the guts of what makes a product work. Parsing out the technical details …

Arjun Chopra

Is Your Startup Venture-Scale?

Feb 08, 2021

Startup Investing and FundingTech Startup Advice

According to B2B investor Arjun Chopra, not every startup is venture-scale. He explains what makes a venture-scale startup and why a solid founder-market fit is so important. “We’re in the …

Alan Wilson

Failing for Success with fn Lifetime Member and Tripwire Interactive Co-Founder Alan Wilson

Feb 04, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Failure is the part we hate talking about — but it’s a critical component of success. When Alan Wilson, co-founder of gaming company, Tripwire Interactive, was unable to get venture …

Beth Devin

6 Questions for Every Early Stage Startup w/ Beth Devin of HearstLab

Feb 01, 2021

Tech Startup AdviceWomen Entrepreneurs

If you’re a startup founder preparing for a growth spurt, you may not be as ready for scale as you think you are. There’s a simple model you can use …


Why Founders Need to Make an Early Investment in Coaching with GoCoach’s Jeff Walsh and Rebecca Taylor

Jan 28, 2021

Startup Investing and FundingTech Startup Advice

As founder, you may have advisors or mentors to turn to for help in solving specific business problems. But those figures, while important, may not be able to help you …


How to Pitch an Early-Stage Investor: Pitch Practice with Rogue’s Caroline Lewis

Jan 25, 2021

Startup Investing and FundingWomen Entrepreneurs

For Caroline Lewis of Rogue Venture Partners, a lightbulb moment arrived while working at a startup as a recent college graduate.  That company, a woman-led, health-focused firm in West Virginia, …

Nathan Gold

How to Captivate a Virtual Audience in Less Than 30 Seconds

Jan 18, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

The COVID-19  pandemic, and ensuing switch to all-virtual environments, has totally changed the game for keynotes, pitches, sales meetings and other high-stakes presentations. That’s why it’s critical for founders to …

Carl Christensen

How Spacemaker Built Game-Changing AI and Got Acquired for $240M in Four Years

Jan 14, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

The building sectors aren’t exactly known for rapid innovation. Legacy processes and systems are the norm for many companies in architecture, construction and engineering. But given global trends toward urbanization …

Janine Yancey

How to Drive Inclusion Through Workplace Social Indicators with Janine Yancey

Dec 21, 2020

Tech Startup AdviceWomen Entrepreneurs

We all want to build an inclusive workplace. But beyond recruitment and retention, what are the levers that drive better outcomes? Join Janine Yancey, founder and CEO of Emtrain, for …


Need a Last-Minute Gift? Check Out Founders Network’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 21, 2020

Founders Community

Need a last-minute holiday gift, or something to bring joy to your loved ones well into the New Year? Look no further than Founders Network: Members of our community are …

Sean Gourley

How Sean Gourley, Primer Founder and CEO, Pivoted from ‘Mathematics of War’ to Two Groundbreaking Tech Startups

Dec 14, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

For Sean Gourley, founding a startup — the first time around, anyway — can feel like walking around an undiscovered jungle, not knowing what dangers may await.  Gourley, founder and …

Jags Kandasamy

How I Raised a $3.5M Seed Round Led by Steve Jurvetson in 30 Days

Dec 03, 2020

Startup Investing and Funding

There is much more to effective networking than swapping business cards at cocktail parties and conferences. Particularly when it comes to fundraising, successful networking requires a methodical, even scientific approach. …

Invest in your network

Invest in Your Network: Founders Network Seattle Chapter Panel

Nov 09, 2020

Tech Startup Advice

During these times, when many founders find it difficult to expand their network and cultivate meaningful relationships, relying on startup ecosystems is more important than ever. At an interactive panel, …