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Harold Hughes

Building a Team Early On: Bandwagon Founder Harold Hughes Shares Key Tips

Jun 07, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

There is so much unpredictability that goes along with the startup journey, especially in the beginning stages, but Howard Hughes cautions about how important it is to create consistency in …


Report on Which Financial Software and Firms Startups Are Using

May 24, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

A founder trying to grow a company can get bogged down in operational decisions, such as which software and service providers the company should use and when to invest in …

Sara Deshpande

Sara Deshpande from Maven VC’s criteria for funding startups

May 20, 2021

Startup Investing and Funding

Sara Deshpande, Partner at Maven Ventures, became the company’s first employee in 2014. Since that time, she has been part of over 30 investments, and nine exits. These have included …

Matt Gittleman

How to Pitch a Non-Silicon Valley Investor

May 13, 2021

Startup Investing and Funding

According to a 2021 US Venture Capital Outlook report from Pitchbook, funding analysts expect that the Bay Area will fall below 20% of U.S. deals for the first time this …

Wade Pitts

Keeping More of the Money You’ve Made Along the Way: A Wealth Management Panel

May 10, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Wade Pitts’ philosophy on taxes is pretty straightforward: “paying what’s appropriate is patriotic, paying more than your fair share is not.” However, what’s not as straightforward is determining what precisely …

Giles Palmer

Reflections Following a $450M Acquisition: Two Things Giles Palmer Would Do Differently Next Time

May 06, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

After 13 years as CEO and Founder of Brandwatch, Giles Palmer reflects on what he would have done differently to grow his company. These reflections come on the heels of …

David Lambert

The Secrets to SaaS Startup Success with Dave Lambert

Apr 26, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Dave Lambert grew up in Colorado and moved to the Bay Area to attend Stanford. Right after college he started a computer hardware company which he ran for a decade. …

Allen Lau

Wattpad’s Allen Lau on Founding a Company with Global Ambitions

Apr 20, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Wattpad was started by two immigrants, Ivan Yuen and Allen Lau, in Toronto, which is known to be the most diverse city in the world. As CEO & co-founder Allen …

Greg Winston

How to Turn a Sales Presentation into a Conversation

Apr 12, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

“My belief is a presentation should be a conversation, and the dominant force in that conversation is not what to say — it’s what to ask.”  This is Greg Winston’s strategy …

Alvaro Chacon

Should You Outsource Your Product Development?

Apr 05, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

According to Alvaro Chacon, founder and CEO of the creative and technical digital agency Stateside, developing a long-term product development plan is important from the start. He recommends founders ask …

Victor Echevarria

Pitch Practice With Jackson Square Ventures’ Victor Echevarria

Apr 01, 2021

Startup Investing and Funding

As a founder, it’s your job to know all the ways your startup could potentially fail. And if you believe you have all your bases covered, founder-turned-investor Victor Echevarria encourages …

Stacy Stubblefield

Leading Product Strategy into a $230M Acquisition

Mar 29, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

As co-founder of Telesign, Stacy Stubblefield recalls that the startup journey was “painful” at first. But along the 15-year path from a small Los Angeles-based incubator to an eventual acquisition …

Ryan Bennett

Why Ryan Bennett Hates SMART Goals (And What He Recommends Instead)

Mar 25, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

“I hate SMART goals,” Ryan Bennett, founder of The Intentional Day, a company that equips people to be more intentional with their lives, businesses, and teams. “SMART goals don’t work …

James Chapman

How An In-Person Networking App Tripled Its Users During the Pandemic

Mar 22, 2021

Founders Community

In 2019, the networking app, Plain Sight, raised $1M in pre-seed funding. Plain Sight is a social networking platform that takes an unbiased approach to connecting like-minded people together virtually …

Mischa Steiner

Awesense’s Mischa Steiner on Being in the Business of Saving the Planet

Mar 18, 2021

Tech Startup Advice

Mischa Steiner  remembers hearing a question posed by Peter Thiel which became a mantra for him: What is something you believe to be true, that no one else believes? For …