In FN News: Launches, A.I. and promoting home-grown entrepreneurship

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treated-20150702-Will-and-Arjun-23241-Job-PortraitsThis month FNer Arjun Dev Arora launched his mobile sales platform Immediately. Its intuitive mobile sales workflow minimizes routine administrative tasks and prioritizes building relationships between sales professionals and their customers. After months of iteration in it’s Early Access program Immediately is now live – check it out.


Oren Boiman’s Magisto app has been in the news for the technology behind how it automatically edits your video in seconds. (via His app has learned to machine edit with attention to smooth style and emotional highlights. Try it here.

Roxanne Gibert, May '15 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders

Measure and score your content’s growth with EchoRank, Roxanne Gilbert’s just-launched virality tool. Their platform helps you beat the competition by finding viral reach on social media, scoring everything you share and comparing you to benchmarks to offer insight beyond what’s available at first glance.

Nitin Pachisia

Nitin Pachisia appeared on NBC’s press:here to discuss how his startup Unshackled help rising entrepreneurs working in the U.S. contribute to the American economy (via NBC). Prospective founders working in the U.S. under visas tied to a single company can’t launch new ventures, no matter how great their idea – but Unshackled offers a solution. Watch the interview here.

Daniel LiebeskindBody App – Daniel Liebeskind’s new group fitness startup – just launched a public beta at They’re bringing live, coached small group workouts to where ever you are – and require nothing more than a wifi-enabled laptop or tablet, and room to knock out a few planks or crunches.

angela chouAnd sustainable, locally made children’s clothing is now available for pre-order at FNer Angela Chou’s startup sources fabric from brand-new surplus, rescuing it from the waste stream and diverting it into American-made clothing. Check out her version of a “leopard print,” honoring the world’s most critically endangered large cat.

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