AI Marketing Hacks To Improve Your Startup with Anna Anisin


To learn more about AI marketing hacks, click here to watch Anna Anisin’s webinar.

Anna Anisin is energized by data. As a seasoned entrepreneur with 3 exits, she uses her knowledge and passion for growth hacking to help others grow and excel.

Today, she serves as founder of Data Science Salon – a unique vertical-focused conference that has grown into the most diverse community of senior data scientists and other SMEs in the machine learning and AI space.

In a webinar for Founders Network on August 24, Anna will share her top AI marketing hacks. She’ll detail innovative solutions for leveraging AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to improve marketing strategies at tech startups.

Her webinar will cover:

  • A brief background on generative AI
  • How startups leverage generative AI effectively
  • How AI can improve a brand’s UX and engagement
  • Hacks for leveraging AI to enhance marketing 

Keep Your Competitive Edge

Artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era for startup founders. As a result, Anna says founders who fail to integrate automation and AI in their startups will struggle to remain relevant.

“Regardless of the industry, to be competitive in today’s fast-moving landscape, you pretty much have to build AI into your product,” says Anna. “There’s never been a better time to learn how to use and leverage those tools. Then you can apply that knowledge to building advanced systems that make your product more efficient and competitive.”

The applications for AI are vast. While some experts are using AI to build and grow entire businesses and platforms from the ground up, founders with established products are utilizing AI to consistently outperform their competitors.

“Think of it this way – you and a competitor come up with similar ideas. But their version of the idea includes AI built into it somehow. Regardless of the substance of the idea, incorporating AI will make their version smarter and quicker. This means you will lose your competitive advantage,” Anna says. “To stay ahead in the landscape, you have to use every possible opportunity to outperform competitors. These days, that means building AI into your application from the beginning.”

Not all of today’s most successful startups have AI at their core, but all successful startups can use AI to improve performance. One area where AI can be integrated at any stage of product build is within marketing. 

AI As A Marketing Tool

Generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, offer unique benefits for cost-strapped startups. Whether it be leveraging its learning to better help you hit an audience segment, learn about clients, or even feed a chatbot – AI offers an unmatched speed for learning and increasing market understanding.

“If you figure out how to implement generative AI well, your options become limitless,” Anna says.

Using Gen AI, Anna has innovated market research practices, extracting hidden trends and insights for competitive advantage. She’s transformed fact-checking with AI’s natural language processing and knowledge representation capabilities for enhanced accuracy. More than just improving products, Anna’s AI applications have greatly strengthened the technology infrastructure of each product, boosting their resilience, functionality, and user alignment.

A New Vision For The Future of Data

Anna’s career-spanning passion also includes a desire to improve how builders and users leverage data.

Data Science Salon’s mission is to work as a unit to diversify and grow the data available to AI so it better serves the needs of its users. There are more than 100,000 senior data scientists and machine learning engineers in her community,

“Take ChatGPT, for example. There is an inherent bias in the data it uses. The goal we are charging toward is to eliminate the bias behind the data by encouraging people to work on more diverse projects with more diverse teams,” Anna says.

In her time researching and collaborating with her large network, Anna has deepened her own understanding of data and the ways it can be utilized. As a result of this, she is on a mission to help others grow their own knowledge and expertise to harness data more effectively in today’s ever-changing world.

To learn more about AI marketing hacks, click here to watch Anna Anisin’s webinar.

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