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New York is the second highest performing startup ecosystem in the world according to the Startup Genome Report (2018). In the last five years, NYC has grown from $2.3 billion invested in 2012 to $13 billion in 2017, justifying excitement about the future. Only second to Silicon Valley, the NYC startup movement is stamping its own path in the startup world while building a reputation for being able to scale quickly. With access to capital and talent, New York is a fantastic place to start a company.

Founders Network’s mission is in connecting New York City Founders and startups with a global support network. Based in Silicon Valley, Founders Network provides NYC with a direct connection to its west coast counterpart.  Our New York members have the ability to operate knowing they have a global mentorship network behind them.


Mentorship from select New York founders

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Gain Access To:
London Founders Network
New York
  • Peer mentorship program with fellow tech founders

  • Global, stage and local founder forums

  • Pitch practice with tier 1 vc's

  • Proactive support and introductions from staff

  • Biannual global conferences

  • Accelerator grade discounts

  • Exclusive local Founders Network events

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Why Join Founders Network New York? 

Hear Doug Lessing's Experience Being Membership Chair:

Founders Network Global Stats

Connecting New York Founders with each other and the Founders Network community.

Collective Capital Raised
Avg Funding
Global FN Network
Serial Entrepreneurs
FN Global Events
FN is a quality group of entrepreneurs. Everyone in the room is serious about what he or she is building. On any topic, someone there is qualified to give advice based on actual experience.
John Katzman
Halfway through my first year, my membership had already paid for itself. I was able to learn from my fellow founders, network with investors, and navigate startup challenges by leveraging the forum. The helpful and willing spirit of the group is the key ingredient that makes this community worth every penny.
Jeremy Clement
The forum allows for instant access to a huge group of high caliber founders. What's interesting about Founders Network is that it's perfect for a person starting their first company, but also their second, third, and so on.
Matt Monday
Founder of STRV
Local Leadership Team

Each Founders Network Chapter has an appointed Chapter Leadership Team. Made up of founders who have chosen to volunteer their time, they are on deck to give advice, facilitate events, and lead the growth of the Chapter.

Ford Seeman

Growth Chair

Forest Founders Rewards
David Plonsky

Chapter Director

Doug Lessing

Membership Chair


Join 600+ Founders Who Love FN

In Africa, there is a saying: 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.' The great thing about the Founder's Network is that it's not an either/or! We go together farther AND faster, and actually it's way more fun ;)
Alexandra Greenhill
Founder of Careteam
The fn community has been along for my journey through four startups including one dissolution, one major restructure, a successful exit and now a high-growth, funded SaaS company. Being a Founder is sometimes overwhelming and lonely. This community provides guidance and the lift you need when facing your most excruciating obstacles. More importantly, it's a community that genuinely celebrates your successes along the way!
Neha Sampat
Founder of Contentstack
Founding a business can be a lonely pursuit, but being surrounded by a like-minded community enriches the experience. Founders Network is a cadre who provides concrete perspective and insights. In my experience, it's just as enriching to me as a serial entrepreneur to see what and who is coming next, as it would have been to me years ago as a first-time founder to avoid (some!) rookie errors.
Lisa Shields
Founder of Fi Span


Local Events
Types of Events
  • Peer Advisory Roundtables

  • Thought Leadership Keynotes

  • Happy Hours

  • Virtual Pitch Practice Ft. Tier 1 VC's

  • Virtual Office Hours Ft. Tier 1 VC's

Global Conferences

Upcoming events

Past events

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