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Founders Network’s mission is to connect London Founders and startups with a global support network. The fact is that on average, Silicon Valley startups raise 2-3 times more money in the first stages of development compared to London. Based in Silicon Valley, Founders Network provides London’s Founders the opportunity to access resources from the tech capital.

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London has grown into a tech powerhouse and is the highest performing startup scene in Europe according to the Startup Genome Report (2018). The city only competes with New York City for being the Fintech capital of the world as it attracted $1.3 billion in VC funding in 2017. The Old Street Roundabout, AKA the Silicon Roundabout, is host to an estimated 50,000 digital tech employees, 30 accelerators, and over 2000 startups

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Founders Network, understands the needs and aspirations of startup founders in this dynamic city. We recognize the value of a supportive community and have cultivated a global network of experienced mentors and like-minded entrepreneurs to empower our members. Whether it’s through our mentorship program, networking events, or access to investors, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of London’s startup ecosystem and helping founders thrive in this exciting entrepreneurial landscape.

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Peer mentorship program with fellow tech

Instantly connect with peers in Silicon Valley who can help you solve problems and reduce trial and error.

Global, stage and local founder forums

Answer your questions quickly with experience-based insights from founders who have been there.

Pitch practice with tier 1 VCs

Hone your pitch with top-tier VC feedback and increase your chances of securing funding.

Proactive support and introductions from staff

Make meaningful connections with partners and investors via warm intros from our staff.

Biannual global conferences

Come together with startup founders, investors, and industry experts for in-person networking and insights on the latest trends.

Accelerator grade discounts

Access discounts on essential services for startups, including accounting and software tools, to save money and accelerate growth.

Exclusive local Founders Network events

Attend exclusive events with authentic founders who understand what you're going through.

Our London Startup Community's Local Leadership Team

Our local leadership team consists of a dedicated group of London-based founders who volunteer their time and expertise to support the growth and success of the chapter.

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