How to Acquire Affordable Tech Talent with Fariz Attamimi

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To learn how to acquire affordable tech talent, click here to watch Fariz Attamimi’s webinar.

Fariz Attamimi is on a mission to help founders find high-quality, affordable tech talent. His journey into the world of startup team building began when he worked  as a growth engineer for a startup. Originally from Indonesia, Fariz saw opportunities to outsource roles to the high-quality talent pool he had connections to in Singapore and beyond.

As the founder of Konexi, Fariz  has built a company that helps startups and small businesses hire vetted Indonesian contractors for full-time tech roles.

In a webinar for Founders Network on September 7, Fariz will discuss how founders can get a leg up in this booming regional market to find the talent they need to grow and scale at a fraction of the price they’re used to.

His webinar will cover:

  • An overview of Indonesia’s tech workforce
  • How startups can engage with highly-skilled talent for a fraction of the price
  • Leveraging AI to improve talent pairing
  • Tips for finding and hiring the right culture fit for your company

Finding The Market’s Best Talent

Tech founders are battling in a heated  market to keep top talent on their teams. Whether it be finding the right skills for the team, or managing the increasing costs of wages, the job of building a team is one that takes grit.

But what if someone were to tell you that an untapped market of some of the world’s most highly-skilled engineers, designers, and more were waiting to join your team? That’s where Fariz comes in.

When I was an engineer working at a tech startup I saw an opportunity to save money and create efficiencies by outsourcing a contract or full-time role,” Fariz says.

Indonesia’s workforce offers this answer. It is the world’s fourth most populated country with 280 million residents. Though not yet well-known for its tech talent, Indonesia offers a pool of workers larger than many other offshore hubs.

“Take the Philippines, for example. If you were to say that 2 percent of their population was very qualified, that’s like probably a couple of million people. When it comes to Indonesia, the population is double of that,” Fariz says.

Fariz says Indonesian tech talent is more affordable than Eastern Europe, China, India, and the Philippines. With Konexi, startups and smaller businesses can easily hire candidates in the country, no matter where they are headquartered. 

“You’re getting people who are as good, if not better, than U.S. talent,” says Fariz. 

Konexi’s operates by pairing talent with a decade of experience with teams looking for skills that match. This not only saves time, but also connects talent with projects that they are more than qualified to complete.

A Different Approach

Fariz wants to combat the negative connotations that exist about outsourcing talent. As part of this, he has worked to develop an AI platform that will automate the matching process between hiring managers and the workforce.

At Konexi, Fariz and his team deliver a la carte staffing for full-stack developers, mobile developers, UX designers, and more. They also offer access to their software house which provides a full-service team to help any company with their development needs.

“Our software house is a popular match for business-focused founders. For seasoned entrepreneurs who know how to run their products, our team works with them to bring their idea to life,” Fariz says.

Fariz’s geographic focus for Konexi is part of the company’s secret to success. Being a native of Indonesia, he possesses a robust network in the Southeast Asia region. This allows him to partner with recruitment agencies, coding academies, and other talent pools with an edge that other agencies lack.

To learn how to acquire affordable tech talent, click here to watch Fariz Attamimi’s webinar.

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