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Founder Fast-Track

The Ultimate Bootcamp for Startup Founders

An immersive, cohort-based course that gives you the tools and confidence to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Skip the expensive school of hard knox. Learn what it takes to go from being a bootstrapped founder to full-time funded company.

Making the leap will open up more opportunities such as:
    • Access capital
    • Amplify your efforts
    • Accelerate growth
    • Connect with resources
This 8-week course features hands-on learning to help you not only evaluate your startup, but prepare for the transition to full-time. At the end of the course, you’ll have a roadmap for taking your startup to the next level.
Leverage the learnings from a global network of 600+ founders who have collectively raised more than $5.5B in capital and founded companies such as Siri, eHarmony, Postmates, and Evite.

Founders Helping Founders

With practical guidance, our cohort-focused course gives you the opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and connect with fellow startup founders at the same stage of development. Each session will be facilitated by a member of Founders Network’s established community of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Meet the speakers from our current cohort.

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Week 2

Sanghitaa De

Co-Founder, YourMauka
Week 3

Matias Troccoli

Co-Founder & CEO, Gybe
Week 4

Ayham Ereksousi

Co-Founder & CEO, Stomio
Week 5

Prateek Mathur

Founder, Activated Scale
Week 6

Josh Furstoss

Co-Founder & CEO, Induced

Course Blueprint

Week 1

Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Path

Learn what it takes to become a full-time startup entrepreneur.

Week 2

Benefits of Going Full-Time

Hear the business case for going full-time and the opportunities you'll have access to.

Week 3

Budget and Resources

Analyze your financial resources and determine how much you need to budget to make the transition.

Week 4

Evaluating Your Idea

Assess your startup idea and refine your concept.

Week 5

Intro to Lean Startup

Learn about lean startup and business model canvas methodologies.

Week 6

Building the Bench

Connect with startup resources like accelerators and incubators, and find a co-founder, mentor, and/or advisor.

Week 7

Summary of Learning

Share what you've learned and begin creating a plan for next steps.

Week 8

Present Your Startup

Present your refined startup idea to investors for feedback.

The 8 week program:


"I would recommend this cohort if you have a general understanding of the tactical steps to execute on your idea, but just need that additional support, validation and refinement to push you and your business to that next step! A great value if you are pre-seed, looking for funding."
- Cohort Member, Fall 2022
"As a first-time founder, the program content and Jason’s mentorship has been super useful in learning about all the various aspects of the startup journey from customer discovery to fundraising."
- Cohort Member, Fall 2022

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Meet Your Facilitator

Jason Jacobsohn

Jason Jacobsohn is well known in the Chicago area as a “connector” and go-to person for entrepreneurs who want to grow and maintain their success. Currently, Jason is the Founder and Managing Partner of Propellant Ventures, a Seed stage venture capital fund to invest in the growth of Chicago and the greater Midwest. In addition, Jason launched and currently runs the Chicago chapter of Founder Institute, which is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, with chapters across 200+ cities around the world. Further, Jason is an adjunct faculty member of DePaul University and teaches classes on entrepreneurship.

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