Tony Clemendor My name is Tony Clemendor and I am working on my 3rd startup. I founded my first company directly out of Harvard Business School. It was a reasonable success, but ultimately I was not ready to be a solo founder. I worked in sales, marketing and operations for awhile at companies like Xerox and Disney before co-founding my next venture, Optionetics. I served first as "the growth guy" and later as COO while we bootstrapped the company to $60+ million in revenues before selling to optionsXpress, a public brokerage firm. I'm working on validating an idea around helping people easily find great gifts. We're still at the "things that don't scale" phase and grinding along. In terms of my value, I enjoy working with and mentoring other entrepreneurs. My passion for entrepreneurship is even evident in my non-profit activities with BizWorld, where I have served on the board and currently am an advisor. BizWorld introduces entrepreneurial concepts to elementary school kids through game simulations to give better context to their curriculum. I enjoy networking and would be happy to leverage my connections for fellow entrepreneurs when appropriate.

Your Pitch Deck Is Done, But Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Dec 17, 2018

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Tony Clemendor has been a member of Founders Network since January 2013. He’s also been a prominent FN member in our Silicon Valley Chapter. To receive peer mentorship from Tony and over 600 …