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Paris has a unique startup culture. In a plan to attract foreign talent, at least 30% of startups in Paris incubators must be foreign. Paris has shown its commitment to building a startup tech hub with Station F, the world’s largest coworking and incubation space. With President Macron’s pledge to make France a “country of Unicorns”, Paris becomes an exciting place to build a startup.

As Paris aims to grow its startup scene, Founders Network aims to bridge the gap with offering a global network. Positioned in the heart of startups in San Francisco, Founders Network’s mission is in facilitating Founder mentoring, investments and relationships. We’re a mentorship program built to help our Paris members grow.


Mentorship from select Paris founders

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Gain Access To:
Paris Founders Network
  • Peer mentorship program with fellow tech founders

  • Global, stage and local founder forums

  • Pitch practice with tier 1 VC’s

  • Proactive support and introductions from staff

  • Biannual global conferences

  • Accelerator grade discounts

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Founders Network Global Stats

Connecting Paris Founders with each other and the Founders Network community.

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You’ll learn more from the threads seen here everyday than you did in most courses you’ve ever waded through. So dive in, everyone is here because this is exactly what we want to be doing.

Galen Buckwalter
Founder of eHarmony

I’m a very technical person. Not big on the business side of things. Thanks to Founders Network, I’ve received valuable, actionable business advice from both founders and investors alike.

Linden Tibbets
Founder of IFTTT

I would say it’s a very reasonable cost to tap into a worldwide network of entrepreneurs who, as a group, have gone through just about everything you can imagine and have a world of experience they can offer to you.

Will Bunker
Founder of
Notable Members

We have some amazing members. With over 600 tech founders, 100 events a year, 90% Monthly Active Users (MAU), there’s no other network as experienced and helpful.

Linden Tibbets
Founder & CEO
Neha Sampat
Founder & CEO
Will Bunker
Barbara Tien
Domingo Guerra

Leadership Positions Available


Private VC Office Hours
  • Founder Thought Leadership

  • Trending Tech Topic Panels

  • Pitch Practice Featuring Tier 1 VC’s

  • Private Office Hours With Tier 1 VC’s



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